Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love Makes Me Stronger

It has been a month,
and there is something missing.
Listen, i'm waiting for you,
a simple text and a rough note,
even a prank call in the middle of night,
from you for every single day.
Writing this makes me crying,
but still there is no tears,
because its just happened inside my heart.
every beat by beat, its killing me.
Nevertheless, i'm still alive,
and i keep waiting for you,
because i know i can endure it.
Until when? as long as i could stand.

Writing this makes me sad,
i'm a pathetic, pathetic person,
as i'm waiting and hoping for a person like you,
without hatred, without reasons.
And today i realized my heart is breaking,
but still i'm trying to heal the wound,
because deep inside, you are my only cure.
I insist to hold it back,
that is why i never told her anything,
because i don't want to be the pathetic one,
as time flies, i left behind this psychotic situation,
while you are keep alive damn peacefully,
i'm laying on my bed like a zombie.
You're hurting me, damn true.

Who says it ain't a love?
i might say, it is a tragic love story,
and love is happening regardless gender between you and me.
I love you more than you do,
and yet i became a pathetic person again,
as i'm struggling along way the road.
I insist to be your wonder-wall,
but i realized that i'm foolish myself,
as silent doesn't constitute any acceptance.
I never hope to be the first one,
but i really hope i ain't  the last.
Keep writing this makes me crying,
as my eye bags getting bad,
and my fingers getting annoyed,
but still i'm going to wait for another few days and months,
to portray my sincere love towards you.

But then, one question for you,
does silent constitute to your happiness?
if yes, then it is a time for me to leave you alone.

p/s : As long as i keep waiting for you, it means that i still love you friend :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Apa Yang Perlu Aku Lakukan?

Kalau rasa menyampah nak baca jangan scroll down....

Saranghae , saranghae, saranghae.......
Apa boleh buat? hampir tiga tahun saya suka awak!
Serious suka betul betul. Chuaio..nomo nomo chuaio..

Aku dah pernah nak lupakan dia tapi tak boleh juga, tak boleh! wuuuwuuu
One of my dream is to meet you and be with you and snap lots of pictures with you...
May my dreams come true xD

I tahu i tak boleh jadi mrs kim boem whatsoever,
so what should i do??
nomo chua io :'(

Friday, June 17, 2011

Contest Friends Forever

Sebenarnya baru teringat yang before ni cik ain mafia tag aku untuk contest ni. nasib baik bila check belum tutup lagi. sekadar suka-suka and mengisi masa lenggang ini aku pun joinlah contest ni xD

So, nilah blogger yang anjurkan contest tu. kalau ada sesiapa nak join, cepat sikit sebelum terlambat!
hurmm i was trying to put on the best picture but i ain't sure sebab bagi aku, semua pictures have their own memmories and meaning. but in the end aku rasa this picture is the best one. here we go :)

nurul, mimi, anis, qiela and piah
      okay, inilah my best friends. gambar ini diambil pada hari2 terakhir sesi pembelajaran kami di fakulti. saya suka gambar ini sebab kami semua sedang tersenyum gembira dan semua menyandang backpack ataupun kami panggil beg kura2. walaupun nampak mcm beg budak2 sekolah tapi kami selesa. berlatar belakangkan taman'babylon' fakulti, tempat inilah yang menjadi port kegemaran kami sementara menunggu kuliah seterusnya. 
      kami mula berkawan semasa di sem 1 program asasi. hampir setahun kami bersama ketika di universiti sehinggalah tamat program asasi. kemana sahaja kami tetap bersama dari ke toilet, ke kelas, ke bilik, ke pusat sukan, ke meja makan dan segala-galanya kami lakukan bersama. tanpa salah satunya, terasa bagaikan tidak lengkap. setiap kesusahan yg kami tempuhi, kami masih bersama. setiap dari kami mempunyai watak yg tersendiri dan kami sentiasa belajar untu menerima diri antara satu sama lain. walaupun berbeza, tapi kasih yang ada tetap sama.persahabatan ini mengajar kami lebih menghargai orang yang sering berada di sisi kita dlm apa jua keadaan. dan kalau boleh, saya taknak ada yang sama seperti mereka berempat kerana bagi saya, cukuplah mereka sebagai diri mereka sahaja. walaupun sudah tamat program asasi, tetapi kasih yang ada tetap tertanam di hati sampai bila-bila, Insyallah. dan walaupun hanya untuk sementara kami bertemu, tapi saya pasti yang Tuhan menjodohkan kami untuk berjumpa lagi di masa hadapan. 

haha sebenarnya disuruh cerita sedikit tapi terpanjang pulak, btw saya tag mereka di bawah ini untuk mengikuti contest ini :D
Dan, dan kalaulah saya menang contest ni, saya nak baju  yang di taja oleh Droplet House di bawah ini boleh tak? walaupun saya rasa tak muat dengan saya, takpelah, tak kisah pun, nak jugak! nak jugak! haha

okay, siapa2 yang nak join contest ini, silalah click banner di atas ye. and anda diingatkan yg tarikh tutup contest ini ialah pada 19 jun 2011 ini. so apa tunggu lagi?
terima kasih daun keladi~

Monday, June 13, 2011

From The South to The North

wow it has been ages since the last entry i posted. more than a week i guess. why ? let see how do i spend my freaking awesome last school holidays' week.
p/s ignore my grammar or tell me the correct one :)

monday - 06/06
# went to malacca and stayed a night at my cousin's house (ayah's side). owh i cant forget the precious time when me, ibu, my sis, my aunt and zetty (my cousin) have a wonderful chatting ever. we talked a lot about our dads, family, about zetty who gonna further her studies in limkokwing and some spooky stories eg: karak the movie. we laughed until we tired to talk. we stopped it as it has been 2 o'clock. thats how girls used to talk :)

tuesday - 07/06
# went to botanical garden at ayer keroh, malacca and  have a walk there. what a tiring day because as the buggy cannot be rented, we have to walk along the botanical garden. but its ok as long as we enjoyed having some gorgeous orchid trees, learning to know some trees in the garden and being in the book  village in the middle of the garden. ayah told us that we're going to semenyih after 3 o'clock but guess what, all of us including my uncle's family were having a long nap after a very tiring day. haha then we went to beranang, semenyih at 5 something and reached there at 7++. At beranang, we were having a kind of ceremony/bbq to celebrate our pakuda's family and maklong (ibu's side) which have came back to Malaysia safely after performing their ibadat umrah for 12 days. and yess i got a nice 'jubah with a shawl' from maklong xD

wednesday - 08/06
# we stayed a night at beranang and then we went to ipoh to visit my brother so called bapis at rcmp, ipoh, perak. although bapis studies at nun jauh di utara sana, but still ibu and ayah never missed a single period to visit him every month. spoiled brat! teehee we went to his house and made some wonderful and delicious sandwich for bapis and his housemates. biasalah budak lelaki kan, dapur susah nak berasap. and i'm glad that bapis's friends told that our sandwich were very tasty. padahal just a simple roasted black pepper chicken with some salad, mayonis and thousand island. kalau dah nama kebulur, apa pun sedap! we stayed a night at hotel seri malaysia ipoh to spend our time with bapis for the whole day plus to celeb bapis' becoming birthday on this 16th of june. yess he's going to 20. ehh lupa nak cakap yang semua kedai makan kat ipoh memang sedap2 eh? tee heee  :D

thursday - 09/06
# after we checked out and having some more time with bapis until evening, we went to sungai petani, kedah which is maklong's house and we're having unplanned family gathering (ibu's side) as actually andak fams and pakcik fams also dropped by to sg petani. unfortunately pakuda's fam and alang's fam were not there, so i can say it as an incomplete family gathering. but takpe, we still enjoyed our time there. we stayed about two night there. 

friday - 10/6
# we have to wake up early as today we were going to jalan-jalan but before that ibu n ayah promised us sapa yang bgun awal boleh ikut g makan nasi kandar shariff. haha eventhough tak sempat mandi, dapat jugaklah aku  pekena nasi kandaq dgn ibu n ayah. went to muzium padi, kedah is not half bad pun eventhough it was my second time there as i looovvveeee to see the painting. if i not mistaken it has been painted by some korean painter. the painting has something that you'll never get bored to see it twice or even more. we want to go to the pusat sains which was located next to the muzium padi but unfortunately its off. then, we went to gunung keriang which also around that particular area. and it also my second time being there. but i never get bored as it is well known as crystal shopping center. we brought some crystals and crystal salt lamps coz ayah looveee them. we spent a few hours there until dawn and i'm so happy as i have a nice crystal pendant and  bracelets which the purple one i got free from uncle (the crystals' shop owner). and the rest is history. 

btw, just wanna share a cool story about my lil cousins. sumpah kelakar betul lah diorg ni. as adults went to buy some crystals, the kids went to a playground nearby with my uncle. actually dekat kawasan tu ada banyak monyet and these crazy monkeys curi air some tourists yg ada around that park but then my lil cousins, umar-d and along terus kejar monyet2 tu sampai monyet2 tu lari bertempiaran and terus tinggalkan botol air tu on the ground. haha bayangkan 6-10 years old kids berani gila kejar monyet hutan sampaikan monyet hutan pun takut and cabut lari. haha tu tak cerita pulak si umar-d piat telinga and kepala kambing yang ada kat bawah kaki gunung area playground tu jugaklah sebab kambing tu hampir2 je nak sondol 'anu' dia. haha meraung kambing tu! hebat betul cousins2 aku ni. tak padan dengan kecik, berani jugak debab tu. yang peliknya binatang besar2 tak takut tapi lipas and cicak takut pulak -.-

saturday - 11/06
# we packed our things. before we left utara semenanjung malaysia ini, once again we dropped by at ipoh to meet bapis and have lunch together and having some secret recipe's cakes to celeb bapis bday. bapis and I loovvee to have pecan butterscotch. yawww. after that we dropped bapis at his house and we continued our journey to the south of peninsular malaysia. ayah have to singgah transit at seri kembangan (pakcik house-ibu's side) and dropped me there (here) coz i have to babysit my cousins until the next week. yess i repeat, i-have-to-babysits-my-four-lil-cousins. and the rest is history.

thanks God, i'm happy and proud to be part of this happy family xD 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

No, I'm Not Lucky, I'm Blessed

serius aku cuak gila. pagi tadi dok mimpi benda yg mengarut.

aku mimpi aku jadi seorg pembunuh. i killed my roomate and guess what roomie aku tu a guy. memang crap gila lah sebab how come a girl shared a room together with a guy kan. tapi aku tak ingat la pulak apa motifnya aku duk bunuh member aku tu. situasinya macam dekat hostel and i'm really scared sampai aku sembunyi dalam toilet bila warden buat checking. yang peliknya ada seorg cleaner toilet tu tahu aku sembunyi dalam toilet and aku ingat lagi apa yang dia cakap. he said "aku tahu, kau kan yang bunuh dia" .omaigod he knew.

after that i realised yg sbnye aku tak berniat nak bunuh dia. tapi semuanya bagaikan terlambat sebab aku boleh ditangkap atas dakwaan membunuh and masa tu aku mula memikirkan yang how come aku nak defense myself utk kategorikan kes aku sebagai culpable homicide as  i didnt have any 'mens rea' to conduct the murder. arggh gila wehh. aku rasa takut sangat sampailah aku berharap it just a dream. i tried to yell and then aku terus terjaga dengan berpeluh-peluh dan menghadap kipas sampai muka aku jadi sejuk.

bila dah bangun tu, aku rasa bersyukur sangat sebab it just a dream. aku tengok jam dah pukul 9.30 pagi. lepas tu aku bangun dan minum segelas air bersama 6 biji chlorella konon2 nya macam ubat penenang. then aku sambung tdur aku balik tapi sekali lagi dapat mimpi pelik. unfortunately aku tak ingat sbb mimpi pasal gajah and anak gajah. sumpah weird. 

lepas mimpi kedua tu, aku terus taknak sambung tdur lagi eventhough mata rasa berat lagi. lagi satu memandangkan dah nak masuk lunch hour kan. aku beritahu my parents and diorang pun gelakkan. yang paling tak boleh tahan diorg duk persoalkan macamana roomate aku boleh plak a guy kan. haha nama pun mimpi kan. anything can be happened. yang tak boleh blah tu, ibu siap tanya : "ada tak mimpi tu akak masuk toilet?" aku pun jawablah ada kan. and then ibu gelakan kuat2 sebab memang kerja syaitan lah tu sebab syaitan ni kalau kita tidur lepas je subuh mula la dia main2kan kita and bawak kita masuk toilet sebab tu kan tempat dia. hahaha aku terkena. memang sah sahlah aku cari nahas tdur waktu matahari dah memancak kat kepala sebab tu kena mainkan dengan syaitan. siot punya makhluk. apa-apa pun, rasa relieved gila sebab i'm not a murderer!

lastly, kenalah ceramah pasal tidur dengan ibu. haha.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Howdy awak, awak, dan awak semua...
Merujuk kepada title di atas, u guys shoul/must watch : Nur Kasih The Movie
Bagi sesiapa yang belum tengok lagi, manja2 kanlah diri anda dengan menonton filem ini.
I give 8 out of 10 for this malay film :O

Serious best and a very nice plot and story line
two thumbs up for khabir bhatia and all crews and semua pelakon yang mantap.
juga kepada si adik comel mia sara nasuha and ilyas (tak tahu nama betul apa) memang pandai berlakon.
bermula dari perkembangan, klimaks, sehingga ke pengakhiran banyak betul habuk panggung masuk mata.
lepas tu asyik kena gelak dengan adik and maklong. shhiiierrrssshhh!
haha bukan apa i'm just menghayati all the scenes there.

I'm soooo into NKTM!
Please watch it now. its freaking awesome (: