Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Haven in A Heartless World

it has been awhile.
just a short entry.
pictures taken during family day/ gathering family at kota bharu kelantan
thanks to my family for the sweetest memories ever.
and that's why i put family first in any circumstances.
the concern and kindness from each of the family members help to strengthen our family bonding during these tough times. 
may our family relationship stay untarnished.

the winner of the game goes to 'abd rahman bin auf'

hurmmm happy to have them as a part of my life.
May God bless our family with love and respect for each other.

betul lah bak kata Joyce Brothers :
'when you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses'

btw,gonna be very busy these three weeks.
final exam is just around the corner.
wish me luck.
i reall really want to get dean's list for  this semester.
and for the next semesters too.
hopefully, insyallah mumtaz :)

Miss Nurul a.k.a Mrs Kim >.<

Saturday, December 10, 2011

For the first time

this is not another twilight series
but he still  the same hot edward.
he sucked my blood. 
his eyes turned red and brighter.
i closed my eyes and whispered :
i hate your bad breath.
jacob please take me away.

okay fine its LAME kan. haish. dalam kepala idea nak buat cerita gebang jumpa edward whatsoever. know what hari ni hari dalam sejarah akhirnya pergi menderma darah di pusat ko uitm shah alam with my girlpren, fynaz. hehehe akhirnya impian selama 19 tahun hidup menjadi kenyataan. its not a big deal for u guys i guess, but it was an awesome experience i got today as a human being, unless i have something to contribute. i'm from group O. i defined my self as O-orang baik. haha cause we're the universal donors. even even emm O boleh accept blood from the same group only. i know its hard but nak buat macam mana, it's the price to be Orang baik. hewhewhew. 

tahu tak memang experience sgt sebab rasa nervous sgt menguasai diri lagi2 bila tengok darah fynaz dah mengalir masuk tiub and then lebih nervous bila nurse tak jumpa urat darah nak cucuk and terpaksa pindah katil and tukar tangan * at that moment boleh terbayang oh hani in playful kiss* rasa mcm nak lari tapi tiba- tiba terdengar ada org bisik 'kalau kau lari kau penakut' hahaha. its just for a few minutes after dah kene cucuk semua it will be okay and tak rasa apa pun. neither nak rasa pengsan nor dizzy pun. okay saja. 

so i guess that's it. no idea nak cakap apa. selamat malam and selamat menderma darah bagi yg belum pernah menderma ;)