Wednesday, March 28, 2012

' You Look So Busy '

Yesterday we're assigned into a group of eight to present a particular topic in law of contract II.There are four groups and we're the third one. After the first and second group done with their presentation, Mdm Nadia started to choose who's going to present for the next topic. We started busying ourselves by flipping the book and mumbling each other. But there was a little tiny young lady who looked like she was the busiest people in the earth. Then Mdm Nadia said " you look so busy " as the girl bowed her head down and  trying to look focused on the book. there was an awkward moment of silence. The girl lifted her head. Lub Dub Lub Dub the girl started to lemah lutut. Oh myyyy! Everybody was just happy for themselves as they were not the chosen one. Lucky them. I'm The Chosen one. The little tiny cute lady who was the busiest person at that time. Vamn. Why must it be me? huaaahuuuaaa. It has been three months since the last time I presented in front of others. The nervousness went through my calmness. Shaky. I just looked at my team member and izzat (^..^). heehee At first, Mdm said that I'll be presenting one of the elements of term in the contract. tapi hambek kau sampai cases and element kedua aku kene present. haha. Berveluh-veluh aku.
Salah satu punca kene panggil ke depan - tudung mantul -.-
emmmm jerawat naik. hushh

Nasib la sapa suruh pakai tudung purple mantul sangat kan dah kena! Even though shaky ke apa semua alhamdulillah ok. It wasn't the first time I have to present in front of others but for a stage-fright person, any presentation will always be like the first time. haha Next time tak mau pura-pura busy tengok buku. Act normal. hush.

#Sedang mencuba memperbaiki bahasa kedua. I HAVE TO. sorry kalau menyampah sampai muntah hijau lumut. hikhik

Monday, March 19, 2012

Embarrassed (Qils,You Know It)


Sunny day.
Met a person whom I like back then.
Embarrassed. After thinking about my appearance and my reaction towards him.
Dang and it became more shameful when the person you like said "Hi Nurul!
Ouhh shittinggg! I'm sweating all over my face, sunburned, plus i'm carrying my backpack bag yang i knowww it looks like a budak sekolah rendah. 
Oh my bad! How I wish I could turn back time.

and then lebih speechless when my friends ask me, "Nurul masih suka dia?"
and I said "noooo!"
they replied, "Why you are so shy about your appearance if you don't like him anymore?"
Speechless but Alhamdulillah my heart beats normally.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Its Better Late Than Never


Happy belated birthday to Hud hud. sorry sebab lambat sangat celebrate. yelah dah banyak kali merancang tapi semuanya terpaksa di batalkan lagi lagi sebab belakangan ni Blacky selalu saja tak sihat kan. Nasib baik Bluey ada. watching The Devils Inside yg suspen, makan ice cream BR, window shopping dan makan di Serai Restaurant, semoga ianya meninggalkan suatu memori buat huda.  walaupun sedih sebab aina tak dapat join. hummm thanks for being our friend and knowing you is one of the best momment in my life. Semoga hidup Huda sentiasa dilindungi dan diberkati oleh Allah. Insyallah. dahlah bday sama dengan ayah kita! huhu (tibe-tibe)